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never_ever_will Fantasy Game: Day 1
DW: Lessons: BW Rose bath
milieva wrote in never_ever_will
What do you say to kicking off this game. Here are the prompts for today. All three elements must be used, though the manner in which they are used is entirely up to your choosing.

She looks like she is about to eat someone up. Doesnt she?


Bonus Points For Today: Use of Nine (he could look particularly dashing in a necktie, don't you think? Or at the very least Rose could tie him up with one she might have found in wardrobe)


♥ Link back to us if posting elsewhere
♥ Tag your post to never_ever_will with 'prompt 21' and/or 'fantasy game'
♥ We focus on Series One and Two Doctor/Rose (as in: this is a TenII-Free zone, Thank You)
♥ Have fun

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Oh Christ woman, what are you doing to me. I can see a sequel to Endurance using this prompt. *Sighs loudly* probably not right now though but later... oh yeah. Watch out Nine, Rose is in the mood for Divine Retribution. Gods I even have a title. Damn you Mils! xx love yah xx

I might be interested in doing something with this prompt. It's certainly tempting. :)

Hmm...what could I do with this one...

I think I might just have a wicked idea. I'm liking this prompt.

*thinks about it*

Uh oh, thinking about smut at work is really not a good idea for work productivity. Nope. Not a good idea at all (but my brain is happy). ;)

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