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Prompt 25: Wedding Crack Fic
Nine Ears
glory_jean wrote in never_ever_will
"Sorry, I've got a complex life. Things sometimes don't happen to me in the right order. Especially weddings. I'm rubbish at weddings. Especially my own."
~Tenth Doctor, Blink

Inspired by some awesome crack fic and by the recent events in my co-mod's RL, I present:

Prompt 25: Wedding Crack Fic

Word Prompts:

1) Three things and a lizard

2) chewing gum, tie, doctrine

3) mask, shadow, toothbrush

4) lodger, prairie, banana

5) sail,mattress, gears

6) telescope, tunnel, tourist








Image sources and credits are on our brand new Tumblr

So let's welcome Mils back from her honeymoon with lots of glorious wedding fic! (Because I'm sure that's exactly what she wants to read, right?)

And as always:

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♥ We focus on Series One and Two Doctor/Rose
♥ Have fun


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