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Fic: Five Ways The Doctor May Have Ended Up Naked... 6/6
glory_jean wrote in never_ever_will
Title: Five Ways the Doctor May Have Ended Up Naked (But Refuses to Confirm nor Deny) and One Way He Definitely Did. 6/6 !!
Rating: Teen
Characters/Paring: Ten/Rose, Jack, OC
Prompt: never_ever_will prompt 18, each prompt as noted at the end of each section.
Beta: milieva achuislemochroi develish1
Summary: The title pretty much says it all.
Disclaimer: Based on characters owned and created by BBC. No infringement intended.
Notes: Fluff and baby!fic. Five parts crack, one part fluff, and a pinch of angst. This is what happens when you get greedy and need to use seven prompts in one fic.

More notes: I just realized with all the DDoS attacks on LJ I'd never managed to link this chapter here. So here it is, just a *little* late.

Previous parts:

I. Fibrous Dermatitis
II. Through the Cold and Dark
III. Inflammatory
IV. Defrabricated
V. Equality of the Sexes

(And one way he definitely did.)


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