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The Doctor and Rose Tyler
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Welcome to Never Ever Will

Our Philosophy

Some people say 'denial' like it is a bad thing. Here at never_ever_will, we like to believe that 'denial' can be good, therapeutic even. At the very least, it can make for some fantastic fanfiction everyone will want to read.

Just because something happened in canon doesn’t mean we have to acknowledge or accept it.


This community is based off the idea that all Doctor/Rose 'shippers have one common love at heart, the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS, traveling across space and time together. If only Russell T. Davies, BBC, and all the other powers that be had seen fit to let us have more of the Doctor and Rose together.

Every so often we will be posting prompts of various types to help inspire the writers which will help keep our happy little bubble of denial alive and well.

This community's focus is on the original Doctor and Rose dynamic, be it Nine or Ten not other incarnations or OT3.

Addendum to Our Purpose

While this comm was designed to help us pretend that Doomsday never happened and that Rose and the Doctor are traveling together forever and ever, yippie! we know there is more to the world of fanfic than that.

We are completely in favor of good fanfic of any sort and the right prompt can be hard to find. So, if you are a writer of another type of Doctor Who fanfic, or any fanfic really, and would like to use one of our prompts, please feel free. But please follow the rules outlined below.


So with any community comes rules. Ours are fairly simple.

1) Read prompts
2) Choose a prompt
3) Write a story
4) There are no limits, no deadlines, no expiration dates
5) If you find one of our rare challenge posts that have a deadline and want to try your hand at it, ignore the deadline and go ahead.

If you are writing Doctor/Rose
1) Please post the story in the comm or post a fake cut/link in the comm (please be sure it has a proper header [title, rating, etc…])
2) Please tag your post with the prompt name listed in the post
3) We prefer shippy denial fic, but fix-its and AUs are okay. If you are unsure ask a mod.
4) Please link back to the comm
5) Be mindful of bashing. Blatant disregard to canon for the sake of cruel and unusual treatment of another character is strictly prohibited. Minor jabs, as long as they are within character, are allowed. (If you feel something crosses the line please feel free to ask a mod.)

If you are not writing Doctor/Rose
1) Please do not post your fic directly in the comm
2) Please link back to the comm
3) Please drop off a link to your fic, along with the text of your fic header, [Fandom, title, rating, etc…]) in our OT [Off-Topic] fic post.
4) Once a month there will be a round-up post for all OT fic we receive links to.

In the end, there is but one main rule we wish everyone to abide by.

Have fun. We want you to enjoy your stay here.


When is the deadline for __ prompt?

There are no deadlines on the prompts. Every prompt is available for use whenever your muse decides you ought to use it. The only deadlines will be on contests held from time to time.

Why can I not post my Ten II, Eleven, other incarnation, fics here?

Never Ever Will was created for the purpose of having yet another safe place for those who like to live in the world of fanfiction denial that the Doctor and Rose were never separated and continue traveling on. That and they are just cute together, without all the angst.

May I write a post-reunion fic?

I know I repeat that this is a Series One and Two community, but a reunion would work well to our purpose, "the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS, traveling across space and time together." As long as it is still one of the original two incarnations that Rose traveled with, I see no problem and cannot wait to see what you come up with.


blame_the_cat : a community where you can complain about crack plot bunnies, whether you will write them or not.

thebitterrose : a community for those who were unhappy with the outcome of Journey's End and still prefer the original Ten.


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